Mummers (10 mins.)

This movie was shot when Amy Rider and I were living in England. She was going to Circomedia and I was tagging along to all the school events. I'd bring the video camera everywhere. This was one of those rare moments when a gorgeous place with beautiful acoustics, meets a truly interesting event.

Bristol England is a port town from way back. The accents, you might notice, sound a little bit like Pirate accents. That's probably because Bristol was home at one time to he biggest slaveship port in the world, and a huge home for sea merchants. It would not surprise me if Long John Silver was from Bristol. They call that the West Country accent, but I think there's something even more specific about Bristol.

The Mummers tradition is very old. All these people are regular folk, to be sure, and do this once a year around Christmas time. The local vicar is the real thing too.

Filmed on DV in 1998, Directed and Edited by Mark Nichols.