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Little Boy Goes to Hell

from the 1998 Open Circle Theater Production

DVDs are available (by special arrangement)

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JOE BEAN CD available

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Act 1
Joe Bean
Last Summer’s Flowers
The Wedding
Wax & Wane
Mr. Repo Man
I Hear
Down At the Bar
Gotta Get Down To Get Up
Rich Man
Lucky Mugsie
Only a Mother
Friendly Fire
The Worms
Last Summer’s Flowers
Skin for Skin
It’s Time To Go
Act 2
Don’t Despair
Rick from Silverdale
Joe Bean’s Been Seen
Sufferin’ Joe
Wide Space Between Words
Sufferers Anonymous
The Herbalist
The Acupuncturist
Take It to the End
God in the Whirlwind
Where Were You?
Sara Comes Back

Jarrod Kaplan
Steve Newton
Kevin Veatch
John Kornstein
Chad Channing
Squirrel Desimone
Andrew Schirmer
Jessica Logan
John Conrad
Jeff Ganz
Steve Tada
Gregg Rice
Dave Beck
Todd Frazier
Bruce Dorcy
Nissa Kahle
Aidan Fay
Mark Nichols

Ekello “EJ” Harrid, Jennifer Carlson, Carla Torgerson, Mark Nichols, Kelsey Mackin, Julie Lewis, Mari Finch, Michael Leonard, McKayla Haushultz, Tim Tate, Ronald Campbell, Patrick Bradshaw, Jonathan
Ortiz,Brandon Belieu, Megan Haas, Vince Palazzolo, Erika Saeger

Other Credits:

All Songs Copyright 2003 and 2004 The Really Big Production Company. Music by Mark Nichols. Lyrics by Mark Nichols, Bob McAllister, Nicole Schoonover.

Engineered by Tracy Berninger
& Mark Nichols at Trillium Lane
Studios, Bainbridge Island, WA.
Produced by Mark Nichols
Mixed by Tracy Berninger
& Mark Nichols.
Executive Producers:
John and Dee Eisenhauer