Flared Pants Part One (6 mins.)

Shot and completed for around $500, this film was the only physical remembrance from the RED FARM FILMS years in Seattle, around 1990. The big old horse stable in Pike Market was a home to everything from weekend parties, featuring Grunt Truck and Soundgarden, among others, to rehearsals for Seattle's longest-running children's show, "Wonka," which Red Farm produced. That's another story.

"Flared Pants", the movie, came about because RED FARM was originally started to be a film company, and in two years we hadn't been able to make a single movie. We were shooting too high, too big. We were all frustrated with this and I suggested to Garrett Bennett, Red Farm's director, that we film John Lawler's Flared Pants monologue on my 8mm film camera. Everybody was into it, and the next weekend we had all the Red Farm actors in front of the camera. Paul Giamatti and Brian Finney were so damn funny doing their Crazy Pants commercial improvs that I had to leave the room.I Couldn't stop the hysterics. The Psychiatrist scene Giamatti improved with Finney shows off his brilliance and the kind of absurd collaborative weirdness that Red Farm was about. The whole thing was like that. really. Garrett was at his best too. Flared Pants is basically unknown almost 20 years later.-- MN