Wide Space Between Words

There’s a wide space between words
where the world can rise and fall
a time when the tongue fails
and the throat clenches
There’s space so immense between suns that
There’s a gap between people so small that
There’s an instant before danger so quick that
There’s a millisecond before love so brief that
And only the eyes stop us like anchors
Slam us to silence
Stun our hearts close to break
Or billow like a seagoing sail

On seas yellow crazed stung by salt
Plowed with foam.
And the wind takes us like toys
Into the future, even on our knees
Away from ourselves
Into eternal see.

Even the air is enough
Even the heart that beats
The flowers we throw away
The lions that we tame
I want to be an arrow that flies
Through disaster
Seeing without sight,
Hearing without sound
Standing without ground
When we cannot stand,
We must fall down
When we cannot speak,
Our words melt the air.
There’s a wide ...
Space ...
Between words.

Music by Mark Nichols, lyrics by Bob McAllister. Originally written for "Joe Bean".

Vocal arrangement with Jennifer Carlson
Drums: Jarrod Kaplan & Chad Channing; Bass: Steve Newton; Guitar: John Kornstein, Mark Nichols; Lead Vocal: Jennifer Carlson; Backups: Julie & Mari


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This song is an effort to show some real emotion between Joe Bean and his wife Sara at a point in their relationship where they've been separated for almost a year. It is sung by one of the storytellers as Joe and Sara have a long "silent film" conversation on the phone, complete with knock down screaming. All the emotion finally comes streaming out. Her anger especially. His sense of betrayal and loneliness.

Bob's words are pure and vintage Bob, striking with original metaphor at the heart.