Examples of Orchestral Arranging for rock bands and theater
Sean Nelson & Mark Nichols put together an album of Harry Nilsson songs, arraged and recorded by Mark check out Don't Forget Me or Miss Butter's Lament
"Awesome" An incredible Seattle band, and Mark's string arranging on "Anthem" friggen' exciting. If this doesn't make your heart beat faster than you're dead already.
"Shade and the Black Hat" ending from Jeremy Enigk's Return of the Frog Queen. The legendarily influential Seattle post-grunge album that put Jeremy on everyone's radar for good.
"Pea-brown Station Wagon" from A Relative Thing (feature film) Just a dysfunctional family sitting in a car.
"Christmas Valley" from The Walkabouts' album Devil's Road. My favorite all-time Walkabout song. The strings were recorded in Warsaw Poland, with the Warsaw Philharmonic.
"Harbor Hope" from Midnight Choir's Grammy-Winning album Amsterdam Stranded. Simply one of the smoothest most heartfelt albums ever. I wish people in the US could hear it.
If you're interested in orchestral arranging and conducting: man(at)TheReallyBig.com. A lot of people ask me what it costs to "do strings" or whatever. I'll tell you that it ranges depending on how many players you want. The more players, the better the sound, period. But, that said, I can make three players sound like an orchestra, as in the "Awesome" "anthem," which was recorded by me in a garage studio with three amazingly great violinists and tracked 6 times. "Christmas Valley" was twenty-plus players. See if you can tell the difference.