Soundtrack Reel for early work w/Garrett Bennett



I started doing soundtracks for Garrett Bennett in 1990, and so far have done all of his movies, including two features and six short films.

The films in this demo are "End of the Icon", "Roman Paris" "Flared Pants" and "One".

Besides these, for Garrett, I did soundtracks for: "Farewell to Harry", "Swimming for Bottom", "A Relative Thing" and a few commercials.

Read my bio if you'd like to hear my composition and orchestra writing. There's a lot of diverse experience, including engineering and producing. I can get it done and make it super-fuckin' interesting, full and deep.

If you're interested in a soundtrack let me know. Email: man(at), or you can call my agent, Lilly Wosk, at 707-328-5645 her email is: l_wosk(at)