I hear there's a witch
Who lives over the hill
She gets by I hear,
Hynx minx and will nill
She makes her crazy potions
Out of mushrooms and devotions
And I'm thinking now's the time
I should get a broom and climb up on it
All my life I thought
I'd be somethin' that I'm not
And now there's nothing left
Of what I thought I'd be
I Hear there's a farmer
Who lives high up on the land
Every creature dies on him
So he puts them in the ground
And has a worm farm
So I'm thinking I should go
Maybe grab myself a hoe
'Cause all my life I thought
I'd be someone that I'm not
And now there's nothing left
Of what I thought I'd be
I'm nothing Maybe everything waits

Nothing Left of What I Thought I'd Be

Music and Lyrics by Mark Nichols. Originally written for "Ivanha"

This song was written in college and then added to in 2007. It's a personal song for sure, about how when I was young I thought a lot was going to happen to me that was somehow deserved and it just plain didn't.

Theatrically, the song takes place in the moment when a young character is getting a little glimpse of this phenomenon. It's an innocent song. There is still a lot of hope underlying. It's being void of ambition or knocked down flat, and like Zen, there is something beautiful about a realized lack of ambition, doors open suddenly, and nothing and everything is possible.

Here is an acoustic version of the song

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