I looked for you in everyplace I could think of
I asked for you in chat rooms,
'Cause I remember you liked Geek Love
So I dug into the forums, obituaries and moratoriums
No Sign... I couldn't find you

I saw you where you never were And where you never will
Be, And yet you in that very same place
May still there be

I found some rockin' deals on Viagra
Found a pretty interesting virtual tour of Niagara
And all the while my love for you just grew
Like a spider I would crawl into every corner after you
The time we had was short; the time when you were near
Plus, I've got a letter that I wrote, sittin' here


Do do do do do

I put an ad in that shitty magazine
Still I couldn't find you but I got to know the scene
I wrote my ad to say I love you, Yeah, I said it
All the breaders, gays, and lesbians know it's true because th
ey read it


Click here for an acoustic version

I Saw U - Demo

From "PolyAma" 2007 Lyrics & Music by Mark Nichols

This song comes from a Mother Goose poem about a mirror. I wrote a whole orchestra/song cycle of Mother Goose rhymes at one point always thought this one was so nice and ambiguous.