How To Survive The Apocalypse - Demo

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"How To Survive The Apocalypse" is an evolving project created mainly with Erik Davis the writer. Christopher Fulling has been acting as the script consultant and artistic director of the work.

I began this project for a number of reasons, one of the strongest was my interest in "festival culture". In the NW we have a number of these festivals, Burning Man, The Oregon Country Fair are the ones I'm most familiar with. At the festivals there is a real sense of community and communal energy. The idea is that there is a HUGE void in our American lifestyle for this sort of intense social interaction and that these festivals are the heart and soul of a lot of counterculture.

It's a big job to try and put it into "theater" but we're trying. We'd really like to tour the show with a caravan during the spring and summer, but would also do it in a proper theater, given the opportunity.

The Demo is mainly me on voice, but also features Julie Lewis and Mark Growden on voice, and George Scott as Gene Jeanie.