The Happy Guy Song

I'm a happy guy
I've got a happy life
Hear my happy whistle
From my happy lips
And all the world seems happy
When you're a happy man
And all the happy wanderers
Go happy hand in hand
(Whistle solo)
I'm a happy person
I've got a happy life
I laugh and the world laughs with me
Heedless of sorrow of strife

And all the world seems happy
When you're a happy guy
And all the swiftly parting souls
Fly happy through the sky
Da da da da da da (etc...

And they say "what about the sorrow?"
"What about the pain?"
I guess I know I'll be happy again
"And what about tomorrow?"
"What about the bomb?"
I guess I know that I'll...get along

The world's not black, the worlds not white
You're not wrong, and I'm not right
If you can think of a good reason why
I should not be a happy guy
Write it down on a blade of grass
And shove it up your happy....

As you can see
I'm as happy as can be

Music and Lyrics Mark Nichols 1987 Originally written for "Little Boy Goes to Hell".

Lead vocal: Stephen Rubicz. Chorus: Open Circle Theater cast, Seattle. Orchestra led by Dan Dennis.


I wrote the words to this song one morning in a coffee shop on Capitol Hill. It was a particularly sad day at a hard time in my life.

This song was added to Little Boy Goes to Hell later, after the first production, when it became obvious that Little Boy needed a sort of theme song.

If you'd like to SEE this version of the song being performed live, click here.