OK, I lost this round
But I’m standing here now with my feet on the ground
They were trinkets and jewels
Worthless crap put out for fools
Life sets us up and traps us in
To thinking that our ship might not be sinking’
But isn’t that the story we are in?
OK, so let them take it all away
You got to die to be reborn
You got to revolt before the reform
You burn like the Phoenix in ashes
You suffer the thorns and the 39 lashes
You know it’s true.
You got to get up to get down
You gotta get down to get up!

OK, So, now I’m a poor man
But my soul’s got plenty more man
And even though I’m all burned and dampened
Soot blackened.
I’ll be damned if I slacken
I’ll find a new way to pay off the rent

I won’t give in to livin’ depressed.
I’m gonna get myself out of this mess
My wife’s a gift
My family’s the bow
It’s all I really count on
It’s all I really know
You got to get up to get down.
And you got to get down to get up.
Got to get down….You got to get down to get

CHORUS Up! Up! You got to get down to get
Got to get down Got to get down Got to get down, up.
Joe Bean, Joe Bean, He’s the coolest guy you’ve ever seen.

Gotta Get Down to Get Up

From "Joe Bean" 2003 Lyrics by Mark Nichols & Bob McAllister, music by Mark Nichols. Performances: Bradley Dean (or) Mark Nichols as Joe, Carla Torgerson as Sari, EJ Harrid as Erlick, and Jenniviere Carlson as Ezel. Complete cast list available here. Script available here. Performance rights here

Slideshow from BPA production, Bainbridge Is., 2004

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