Flared Pants Part Two(6 mins.)

See part 1

Other trivia about Flared Pants:

* Brian Finney and Paul Giamatti had just performed a brilliant piece of work called, A Final Evening With the Illuminati by Eddie Levi Lee at Annex Theater, in Seattle.

* The creators of Flared Pants started The Annex theater on Bainbridge Island, WA in high school before moving to downtown Seattle after dropping out of North Carolina School of the Arts among other institutions. Annex Theater was where Little Boy Goes to Hell was first staged, by Garrett Bennett.

* The movie was shot on a Goodwill, or was it Salvation Army, regular 8mm film camera.

* Inga Musio, the author of the spectacular book "Cunt" was present during the filming of Flared Pants. She was going to write a story about it for The Stranger, which was at that time printed on typing paper.