This ancient Chinese healin’ has been passed along for years
Unfortunately, in the States it’s quite new

But I’ve taken two semesters at the tech school here in town

And I can’t wait to get acupuncture’ you Owoo-hoo-hoo.

Most people haven’t heard yet of the acupuncture/rolf combination

But It’s sort of east meets west
With some Tai Chi thrown in the stew

Big needle, yes, but I know you’ll suffer less

Because the smaller needles are less familiar to me.

You know what they say: pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.
Feel that? Oh yeah! Good, now how ‘bout a little Rolfing?
Hai! Ha! AAAAHHHHH! Sorry…

You’ll be in agony for a few weeks

and throwing up in a hundred different ways,

But that’s normal when you’ve been studying

Ancient Chinese medicine for only 14 days. Woo hoo!


The Acupuncture Song

Words and Music by Mark Nichols 2003

Julie Lewis: Vocals. Originally from "Joe Bean", this song comes when the hero is at his absolute lowest.

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